Psionic Subclasses – Paranormal Investigator


Hello, everyone! It’s been a little while, but today’s article is the next in the Psionic subclasses series – the Paranormal Investigator wizard!

Wizard Arcane Tradition

Paranormal Investigator

There is far more to be learned than just the nuances of the natural and magical worlds – paranormal forces beyond our current comprehension lurk just outside our view, and most are simply too blind to recognize it.

Scholars and detectives, wizards following this tradition delve deep into the mysteries of psionics, uncovering evidence of the Far Realm’s influence over everyday life, and attempting to foil the nefarious plots of aberrant entities. Often, amidst the chaos of these psionic mysteries, Paranormal Investigators will find themselves uncovering vast conspiracies and sinister villains, whose ultimate goals may be difficult to discern.

Psionic Manifestation

At 2nd level, you have discovered the fundamental mechanics behind psionic powers. Transcribing your investigations into psionics into your spellbook, you have added psionic power to your already-impressive magical repertoire.

Psionic Talents

Whenever you would learn a cantrip, you can instead learn a psionic talent.


When you would add a spell to your spellbook, you may instead add a psionic power to your spellbook from the wizard power list.

Preparing and Manifesting Powers

When you prepare your list of wizard spells, you may prepare your psionic powers as though they were spells.

Manifesting Ability

Intelligence is your manifesting ability, as you are utilizing the same principles and disciplines as when you cast a spell. Whenever a power refers to your manifesting ability, you will use your Intelligence modifier. In addition, you use your Intelligence modifier when setting the saving throw DC for a psionic power you manifest and when making an attack roll with one.

Manifestation save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier.

Manifestation attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + your Intelligence modifier.

Power Points

At the end of a short or long rest, you can channel your arcane powers into psionic potential. You may convert spell slots with a combined level equal to or less than your wizard level into an equal number of power points. To manifest one of your psionic powers other than a talent, you must expend a number of these power points. Each time you manifest a power, you may expend a number of power points up to your proficiency bonus at once.

When you complete a long rest, you lose any power points you have not already used.

Deduce Weakness

Also at 2nd level, you have learned to take measuring strikes at your opponents – your attacks may not always hit, but you will at least find where they are vulnerable. When you miss a creature with an attack roll, you can learn one of the following:

  • The creature’s lowest saving throw
  • One of the creature’s damage vulnerabilities that you don’t already know, if it has any
  • The creature’s armor class
  • The creature’s current hit points

Inscrutable Notes

Starting at 6th level, you have utilized your understanding of psionics to compose a code which your allies can easily crack but is incomprehensible to unwelcome eyes.

As a bonus action, you can encode a piece of paper so that it appears to be something completely different. Only you and creatures friendly to you can read the contents of this page.

Magic, Decrypted

At 10th level, your psionic deductions and mastery of the arcane have allowed you to improvise the magical effects described in your spellbook.

You can spend 5 power points to cast a 5th level or lower spell from your wizard spellbook, even if you don’t currently have it prepared. The spell is cast at its lowest possible level.

Antipsionic Field

At 16th level, you have invented a secret magical technique to meet psionic powers with resistance, closing the gaps in the magical Weave and protecting you from aberrant influence. As an action, you can expend a spell slot to produce a 20-foot-radius sphere of antipsionic energy for up to a minute, centered on yourself. Whenever a creature within the sphere would spend power points, it must also expend a number of power points equal to the level of the spell slot used to produce this field. These power points spent do not count towards the limit of power points used to manifest a psionic power.

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