Witch Class (T4 Playtest Draft)

Hello, everyone! Thank you for your continued feedback on the witch class over the past few months – We’ve reached the final round of playtesting before the class’s release around Halloween! This updated draft contains class features from levels 1 through 20, as well as a whopping 50 new spells for the class. As before,…

Paladin Oath – Oath of the Fairies

Hello, everyone! This week’s Paladin Oath is ready for all your Fey-themed adventures (and Beyond, as a new book from Wizards of the Coast next week implies!) Also included in this update is the Feyborn background, offering you ways to give even your non-paladin characters some ties to the Feywild as well.

Witch Class (T3 Playtest Draft)

Hello, everyone! I’m certainly not wanting to make a habit of this class’s updates being late, but thank you for your patience. This blog post brings the witch class to level 15, featuring some small adjustments to previous levels’ features (most notably to the Constellation Affinity). As the new witch spells didn’t quite meet my…

Bard – College of Tall Tales

Hello, everyone! Today’s article not only introduces a new Bard College for your games, but also a few new spells for the more tactically-oriented bards (one of which you may recognize as a spell from the most recent draft of the witch class’s spell list). Like I’d hinted in the School of Chronomancy’s release last…

Witch Class (T2 Playtest Draft)

Hello, everyone! It’s a little later than I’d originally planned, but here’s the updated playtest draft for the Witch class, now taking the class to level 10! I’m splitting this into two posts to reduce scrolling, as there are a whopping 29 new spells available as well.