About TBM Games

TBM Games

TBM Games is a blog devoted to tabletop role-playing games, primarily the Fifth Edition of the World’s Most Well-Known Fantasy Role-Playing Game. On this site, you’ll find new content for your own Fifth Edition games. In addition to the freely available content in the blog posts, I aim to write and sell PDFs of game content on the site containing more content and options for players and storytellers.

About Christopher

Living in Lincoln, Nebraska, Christopher Knapp began playing tabletop role-playing games in 2009 with Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. This experience sparked his interest in traditional board, card, and dice games, which he tries to share with anyone who will listen. His favorite role-playing game system is Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons, but he also plays Pathfinder and other role-playing games regularly.

When he isn’t running a game or causing trouble as a player, Christopher’s brain is frequently divided into various overscoped projects or new adventures. He is currently studying Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. During the summer, he teaches a day camp class about traditional game design at Bright Lights.