5 Tricks to Spruce Up Your Virtual Table

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Pump the Breaks

Octopath Traveler, a game released for the Nintendo Switch in July 2018, checked a lot of boxes for me as an RPG – Using a unique graphical style, HD2D, the developers threw players headfirst into a rich dynamically shaded world of pixel art. However, the innovative combat mechanics behind the JRPG were less scrutinized than…

Defying Death

Early adventuring can be a pain – with only 8 or so hit points at level one, a stiff breeze is as much a threat as a given monster, and players and GM’s (especially experienced ones, from my observations) overestimate how survivable a situation actually can be. A number of solutions for character survival at…

Ammunition & Accounting

Hello, everyone! When playing a character who uses a ranged weapon, you’ll often find inconsistent rulings on whether a storyteller will track your ammunition, require you to do so, or simply shrug it off altogether. No matter how you look at it, it’s a pain to tick off a tally of arrows, throwing knives, etc….

Resurrecting the Skill Challenge

Hello, everyone! Today starts the series of articles regarding system tweaks which I’ve attempted for Fifth Edition, and what the system does and does not support. Admittedly, this is a system tweak that several people have already attempted, but I felt it was an important enough game mechanic for any storyteller to have in their…