Monstrous Foes – The Ikharri

Hello, everyone! Today’s article revisits the Ikharri, a race first featured in Primordial Power, with additional monster stats to challenge your players on underwater adventures.

Artifacts & Equipment – Body of the Armored Tyrant

Hello, everyone, and happy New Year! This week’s article is a new artifact for your campaigns based on one of the primordials from Primordial Power. As always, if you’d like a more portable PDF of this material, it is available for sale on DriveThruRPG, and for free to patrons of the Adventurer tier and higher!…


Hello, everyone! Today’s monster is a minor demon for your games, the gnatlike culnamus. Alone, these demons won’t pose a threat, but they will become a severe problem if they become a distraction during a fight with a more dangerous foe. Culnamus Tiny, gnatlike demons known as culnamus tend to gather in areas influenced by…

Funeral Stalkers

Hello, everyone! Although Primordial Power’s Kickstarter is now in full swing, you can still expect the regular complement of weekly articles to continue as normal. Today’s article is a monster from last month’s Storyteller playtest, the Soot Ghoul, a beefed-up undead which began to appear in cities as their environments became more suitable for these…

Primordial Cicadas

Hello, everyone, and happy Friday! Today’s article, as promised earlier, is a follow-up to the Emperor Cicada article from earlier and last month’s profile for Xil, the Swarm of Horrors.