Psionic Subclasses – Emotions Domain

Hello, everyone! It’s been quiet on my end, but that’s only good news as new projects are getting into gear! This month’s class archetype begins to¬†introduce psionic power into the core classes, starting with the Cleric. Not entirely satisfied with the current take on psionics, I will also be implementing my own psionic powers list,…

College of Justice

Hello, everyone! This month’s subclass is coming to you a week early because of some logistical issues for the fourth article this month. As a result, the subclass hasn’t had the chance to be playtested as thoroughly as I’d like, so I’d certainly appreciate your help and feedback in improving it. Moving down the list,…

Path of the Behemoth

Hello, everyone! This month’s subclass article is a barbarian Primal Path, the dinosaur-taming Path of the Behemoth. Path of the Behemoth First emerging after the creation of the world, the “civilized” races were almost anything but – in a world dominated by dangerous behemoths like the Tyrannosaurus, forming bonds and rigorously-defined societies with other humanoids…

Pain Domain

Hello, everyone! This month’s class archetype is a new domain for clerics, the Pain domain. As a quick note, the introductory text of this archetype mentions a couple of unfamiliar gods, which I’ll talk about more in a future article!

Path of the Moon Hunter

Hello, everyone! Like I promised earlier, this month’s subclass is a Barbarian Primal Path themed around lycanthropy.