Merfolk Bloodline

Hello, everyone! Since I was offered a sizable discount on it, I picked up my copy of Ghosts of Saltmarsh yesterday, and have been reading it straight through for inspiration for future adventures set in a coastal region. To accompany these intriguing nautical adventures, I figured now was a good time to release this subclass, a Merfolk Bloodline for sorcerers.

Sorcerous Origin

Merfolk Bloodline

Your magical powers come from an ancestry which can be traced to merfolk, sea-dwelling humanoids with the upper bodies of humanoids and fish tails. Your lineage may come from a tale of romance as a marooned sailor ancestor was nursed to health by such a creature, or you may have been born at the high tide during the apex of a cosmic event such as an eclipse.

Creature of the Seas

At 1st level, you gain the ability to breathe underwater. You are under the effect of a water breathing spell at all times. While you are subjected to an antimagic field or similar effect, the water breathing spell does not function.

You can read and speak Aquan, a dialect of Primordial spoken by those with an elemental affinity for water. Additionally, you can verbally communicate with any aquatic beast in Aquan, though the knowledge and awareness of these beasts may be limited by their intelligence.

Additionally, you gain a swim speed equal to your base speed.

Siren Song

Starting at 6th level, you have harnessed your voice as an alluring force. As an action, you can expend 3 sorcery points to sing a hauntingly beautiful melody which lures your enemies towards you. Each enemy who can hear you within 30 feet of you must make a Wisdom save whose DC is equal to your spell save DC. On a failure, the creature is mesmerized by your song and cannot use its actions to make attacks or cast spells which include you as their target. Additionally, the creature must move closer to you or take psychic damage equal to your Charisma modifier at the start of its turns while under this effect.

Creatures who have no sense of hearing or can’t be charmed are immune to this effect. A creature can re-attempt the saving throw again at the end of each of its turns.

Weave of the Depths

At 14th level, you have grown accustomed to the deepest parts of the ocean, where almost no light reaches, and magic is slow to fade. You gain darkvision out to a range of 120 feet, and when you cast a spell while in total darkness, it is considered to be under the effects of the Extended Spell Metamagic option without using any sorcery points.

You may apply another Metamagic option to a spell cast with the Extended Spell Metamagic option, provided you spend the requisite sorcery points during the casting of the spell.

Song of the Lost

By 18th level, you’ve crafted a siren song with the irresistible memories of lovers and friends who will never be seen again, swept away by the rhythms of the tides. When a creature is affected by your siren song, its speed becomes 5 feet until the effect ends.

When you use your siren song feature, you may expend an additional sorcery point to double the range of your siren song to 60 feet.


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