Survivors of the Endless War

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I’ll be introducing the Genie player race, as well as one of the two Genie subraces which will be found in Primordial Power, the Genie Nobles.


Stories have circulated forever about genies, magical entities trapped in artifacts who can grant the wishes of those lucky enough to find them. These stories, though based on a kernel of truth, neglect important aspects of these creatures.

In ages past, genies were a race of humanoids from a world much like our own who saw the devastation that the wars between the Primordials and Gods would bring to their world. Their elders, accomplished in the ways of ancient magic, sought a solution which could preserve their race in the likely event of the end of their world. They forged a spell lost to the ages which could bind their souls to precious metals, and in doing so shed their corporeal bodies.

These Genies survived into the creation of the current world, persisting as literal artifacts of their bygone era. Some are bound to ornate ceremonial weapons or jewelry, while others are bound to other tools made of precious metals, such as golden lamps or other implements.

Adventuring Genies

Genies, having been scattered across the planes, may seek to learn how the world has changed since their own was destroyed, or may be in search of answers to questions such as what had become of their loved ones. Some may see the new world as imperfect, and in need of an experienced guiding hand to allow it to flourish.


Ability Score Adjustment: Increase your starting Charisma score by 2.

Size: Medium.

Speed: Fly 30 feet(hover).

Bound to the Lamp: When creating a Genie character, describe an object no larger than Medium size, and no smaller than a ring worn by a Medium creature. This is your Lamp, an item to which your soul is bound.

You cannot willingly leave a range of 60 feet from this Lamp. If you start your turn more than 60 feet from this Lamp, you fall prone and are teleported to the closest point within range of the Lamp. If you and your Lamp are on separate planes of existence, your Hit Points immediately fall to 0, you are Dying, and cannot be Stabilized unless you are within range of your Lamp.

You cannot touch or carry your own Lamp, but on your turn you can use 5 feet of your movement speed to move the Lamp up to 5 feet, once per turn.

Your Lamp shares your HP, and a creature can attack your Lamp with any ability which can target a creature or object. Your Lamp shares your Armor Class and Ability Scores, and has Resistance to Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing damage from nonmagical weapons.

Castes: Select either Noble Caste or Humble Caste. In addition to these traits, also apply that Caste’s traits when building your character.

Noble Caste Traits

Echoes of genie society exist even today, and Noble Genies continue to enforce their caste system. Typically Genie Nobles are bound to Lamps which are decorative objects rather than anything of practical value, such as rings or baubles such as abstract sculptures. Genie Nobles also typically represent the magically-inclined among their race and often will be able to cast at least a rudimentary spell with uncanny precision.

Ability Score Adjustment: Increase your starting Intelligence by 1.

Elders’ Counsel: When making a Persuasion or Intimidation check to persuade someone who would respect nobility, you have Advantage on that roll.

Persistent Lore: When creating a Noble Genie character, select a Cantrip from the Wizard or Druid spell list. You may cast that Cantrip. The casting ability to use the Cantrip is your Charisma or Intelligence modifier. The Spell Save DC against this spell, if applicable, is 10 + your Proficiency Bonus + your Charisma or Intelligence modifier. Your Attack Bonus for this spell, if applicable, is 2 + your Proficiency Bonus + your Charisma or Intelligence modifier.

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