Primordial Power Fully Funded! What’s Next?

Hello, everyone! It appears that we’ve hit our funding goal! Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm for this project – we’re humbled by your generosity and support, and excited to be ready to delve into our stretch goals by only Day 4. That isn’t to say that we’re done working, though. There’s still plenty to…

Primordial Armory

Hello, everyone! Today’s article is a couple of magic items from Primordial Power.

Primordial Cicadas

Hello, everyone, and happy Friday! Today’s article, as promised earlier, is a follow-up to the Emperor Cicada article from earlier and last month’s profile for Xil, the Swarm of Horrors.

Xil, The Swarm of Horrors

Hello, everyone! For today’s article, I’m introducing the final Primordial Profile for a while – Xil, the Swarm of Horrors. Xil’s motivation is one of animalistic hunger – its influence drives insects berserk. Because of this power, even intelligent insectoid races may feel an inexorable call to worship Xil.

A Song of Devastation

Hello, everyone! First I must apologize for the late article today – I’ve had a miserable cold for the past week, which has thrown my update schedule even further out of whack. Thankfully this update isn’t as late as the articles following my trip last month, so I hope to get my regular Monday/Friday schedule going…