Primordial Power Fully Funded! What’s Next?


Hello, everyone! It appears that we’ve hit our funding goal! Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm for this project – we’re humbled by your generosity and support, and excited to be ready to delve into our stretch goals by only Day 4. That isn’t to say that we’re done working, though. There’s still plenty to do before this campaign ends, and we’d appreciate any help you can give to get the word out – let your gaming groups know that the primordials are coming, share a link to the campaign with them, and keep an eye out for more previews!

The Plan

As I mentioned in the Stretch Goals section of the Kickstarter campaign, these stretch goals will be pushing our timetable back a bit on the print release(not by much, but they will introduce some additional minor layout considerations). What this means for backers is that we’ve got a “Version 1” PDF which will be distributed to all of our PDF and up backers as soon as the campaign completes. Version 1 will contain everything featured in the campaign description in a “finished” format(basically, what we’d release if we don’t meet any of the stretch goals).

Stretch Goal 1 – Extra Monsters

The current stretch goal we’re working towards is the addition of two more monsters to the original complement of 8. At present, I’m not sure what these monsters will be and only have an inkling which primordial they’ll be associated with, but I’ll have some rough drafts ready and playtested by the time that we reach this $900 stretch goal, and backers will be the first to hear about them!

If you haven’t visited the Kickstarter campaign already, please consider visiting and backing the project – every little bit helps to make Primordial Power the best possible supplement we can release.

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