Primordial Cicadas

Hello, everyone, and happy Friday! Today’s article, as promised earlier, is a follow-up to the Emperor Cicada article from earlier and last month’s profile for Xil, the Swarm of Horrors.

Primordial Cicadas
The influence of a Primordial can drive even a normally docile creature such as the Emperor Cicada into an aggressive rage. When exposed to Primordial energies either through rituals or Xil’s Primordial Cataclysm, an adult Emperor Cicada’s carapace becomes a milky white or cream color with brown or black markings, and will often be adorned with glowing lavender runes.

Worshippers of Xil, the Swarm of Horrors, very infrequently keep these deadly creatures in captivity to release upon enemy spellcasters, but for the most part, Primordial Cicadas are found in the wild in locations profaned by Xil’s power.

A Primordial Cicada will enter an even greater rage when it hears words of magical power, and will often try to attack mages and clerics despite attempts by melee combatants to harry them, and their incessant angry droning will disrupt concentration on spells while drowning out the casting of spells with Verbal components.

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