November Update Schedule

November 12th

Patron Update: Monastic Tradition – Way of the Tilting Hourglass

World-weary travelers will sometimes be shocked to return to a monastery years later to find that its insular community has not changed one iota over the years. With practiced meditation, monks following the Way of the Tilting Hourglass develop the ability to regulate the flow of time around them, granting them uncanny speed in battle and slowing their foes to a glacial crawl.

November 19th

Patron Update: Sorcerous Origin – Paradox Bloodline

An unforeseen consequence of attempts to interfere with history, some sorcerers draw their arcane power from causeless effect. Some gifted with these abilities feel duty-bound to seek out and correct the damages to their timeline, while others aim to ensure that the circumstances leading to their magical talents happen without external interference, closing some cyclical causality.

Blog Update: Barbarian Primal Path – Path of Roiling Magma

The wrath of a barbarian’s rages can often be described as volcanic, but barbarians who follow the Path of Roiling Magma truly embody this turbulent power, bringing the might of volcanic power to every swing of their weapons.

November 26th

Blog Update: Monastic Tradition – Way of the Tilting Hourglass

Unscheduled Updates:
Back Catalog Quality of Life Revision – Let’s face it – there are a lot of PDFs in the Back Catalog, and it can be a pain to redeem a bunch of discount codes for DriveThruRPG to fill your 5e library. Over the course of the month, I’m hoping to revise this back catalog into a much more convenient format – maybe not a “one and done” download link, but at least a smoother experience for new and old patrons to download everything quickly.

Hello, everyone,

I hope that everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! Villain Month has been a blast, and the Witch class was a huge success, but I’m certainly ready for a comparatively laid-back November. We’re into the unpredictable tail end of the year, when a confluence of holidays, flu seasons, and disruptive cold weather may force plans to pivot unexpectedly. I’m hoping to keep a little ahead of the craziness, but like any other winter plans, we’ll see how that goes. I accepted a part-time seasonal job offer which starts this week, so I’m going to push back the update schedule a bit to make sure there’s enough time to get everything done.

We’re in the last full month before I graduate from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln! I’ve already inundated you with this several times, but my goal is to crack 50 patrons by graduation in mid-December. We’re still a long way away from that goal, but I’m confident that it’s still within the realm of possibility. However, in order to reach that goal, I’m going to need your help! If you’re already a patron, first of all, thank you for your support – it’s the main reason I’ve been able to keep on writing 5e content for a little over 4 years. I know that it’s a lot to ask even more of you than your continued financial support, but if you’ve enjoyed my writing, it’d mean the world to me if you shared it with your friends, foes, and GM’s alike.

I’m reticent to schedule any community events on Discord this far in advance, but I’m certainly planning on another night of Jackbox games in the near future! I’ll be polling people on Discord for their availability after I have a better sense of my schedule, so if you haven’t joined the Discord server, now’s a great time to do so. Schedule permitting, I’m also hoping to begin running playtests for Adventurer patrons in the near future, so you’ll have the chance to experiment with never-before-seen content.

And of course, if you’ve had any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me either here, on the TBM Games Discord server, or on Twitter(@gamesTBM).

Best wishes,


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