The Witch – Hexes, Tinctures, and Bonded Magic

Hello, everyone! Just in time for Halloween, I’ve released the finished version of the Witch class! If you’re an Adventurer-tier backer on my Patreon, I sent out your download codes for this PDF yesterday morning. Alternatively, if you would prefer a Virtual Tabletop-ready version, you can get this class as a playable package from the Shard Tabletop Marketplace!

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Witches channel magical power through practiced ritual and tradition rather than exerting force upon ambient magics about them. This harmonious relationship gives them a wide variety of spellcasting abilities, from delivering potent hexes and curses, to crafting restorative tinctures and poultices, to bolstering allies with wards and harmonious magics.

Building off of the existing Fifth Edition rules for character creation, this PDF introduces a new class, the Witch. These adventurers use magic derived from their relationships with allies, enemies, and the world around them to protect allies and fight their foes.

For those looking for a little more mechanical insight into the class, the Witch’s primary role is as a support caster, offering buffs for allies and punishments for foes through control-oriented spells.

This PDF contains five subclasses for the witch:

  • The Constellation Affinity, who teleports about a battlefield to deliver opportune attacks and evade danger.
  • The Crystal Affinity, who creates magical equipment in order to weather enemies’ attacks.
  • The Familiar Affinity, who inspires their allies to action and flies about on a broomstick.
  • The Herb Affinity, whose mastery of medicinal and magical plants allows potions to last far longer and bolsters their allies’ health.
  • The Hex Affinity, who exert forceful control over their enemies through punishing curses.

This PDF also contains 50 new spells, ranging in level from cantrip to 9th level to make your witch characters truly unique to your campaign.

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