March Update Schedule

March 5th

Patron Release:

Wizard Arcane Tradition – School of the Dilettante

Enterprising wizards who rely on their academic training to improvise and derive magical solutions to the challenges they meet.

March 12th

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Druid Circle – Circle of Nightshade

Enigmatic druids with expertise in handling and delivering poisons. Some will end a foe’s life in humane silence. Others.. not so much.

March 19th

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Warlock Patron – The Vanquished

A warlock who has made a pact with a spirit with unfinished business among the living. These warlocks may find themselves able to slip the icy clutches of death.

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Wizard Arcane Tradition – School of the Dilettante

March 26th

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Druid Circle – Circle of Nightshade


Not Currently Scheduled

  • Shard Tabletop Conversions – Shard is a 5e-centric virtual tabletop and a great platform for 5e games. I am currently in the process of implementing character options from my back catalog as playable options within the Shard platform. As mentioned these conversions will be free to Adventurers, as well as anyone who had previously purchased them. My plan at this stage is to convert subclasses in the order of download counts.

Hello, everyone,

As always, thank you all for your continued support. As always, February sped by quickly. The start of this semester has kind of oscillated between manageable and difficult, but hopefully will continue to lean towards the former for March. It feels like there has not been much to talk about during February.

This weekend marked the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, which has a special place in my heart as a franchise. The series is inexorably tied to my interest in D&D – when I was little, the D&D cartoon would play shortly before Pokemon, and in high school in 2009, I used my winnings from a Pokemon Trading Card Game tournament at my local game store to purchase a D&D starter set, which certainly set me on the course leading me to writing this today. Admittedly, I did not feel particularly enthused about the new game announcements this weekend, but New Pokemon Snap certainly has my excitement next month!

This coming month also sees the release of an anthology of mystery adventures from Wizards, Candlekeep Mysteries! Hopefully, this Druid Circle will feel right at home in your sleuthing escapades. Creating compelling mystery stories is no small feat, especially in a game where spells such as zone of truth can unravel too simple of a whodunnit with a poor roll of the dice. If you are planning on running any mysteries in your games, make sure to be mindful of your players’ abilities, and consider ways to deplete resources that would unceremoniously end a mystery, such as by having several small combats or investigative encounters which encourage players to burn spell slots. Keep in mind that this game operates best as a game of attrition.

And of course, if you wind up using any of my 5e supplements at your game table, please don’t hesitate to let me know how it went – your feedback helps me to continue to improve and hopefully offer you even better tools for creating your characters and stories.

Best wishes,


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