Hello, everyone! Today’s monster is a minor demon for your games, the gnatlike culnamus. Alone, these demons won’t pose a threat, but they will become a severe problem if they become a distraction during a fight with a more dangerous foe.


Tiny, gnatlike demons known as culnamus tend to gather in areas influenced by powerful demonic forces. These demons resemble silver winged insects, covered in iridescent purple barbs.

Feeding off of scraps of abyssal energy, a culnamus instinctively flits around more powerful demons, lighting its barbs to distract creatures in the wake of more significant threats. A Culnamus will rarely directly attack a creature. Culnamus swarm outwards from demonic incursions, rapidly widening the area of influence.

Swarming Detritivore. In locations particularly blighted by abyssal incursion, culnamus will swarm in large chaotic clouds. The swarm will dart from shadow to shadow to engulf as many creatures as it can, leaving them vulnerable to attacks from its stronger allies.

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