Primordial Hunters

Hello, everyone! Today’s article introduces a new Druid Circle, the Circle of the Heavens. Unlike other classes, for some reason, I don’t see as many Druids in the games I play and GM. If anything seems strange or plays unusually in your game while using this Druid Circle, please let me know in the comments! Playtesting is everything when developing games, and your feedback helps me to write better content in the future.

The Circle of the Heavens was a relatively unique addition to Primordial Power, as it reflects the Divine response to Primordials and incorporates an unusual blend of gods’ interests. Typically a Druid character will be one who uses violence and shows of force sparingly, or who lives the life of a hermit away from civilizations. However, the Circle of the Heavens introduces a more militant order of Druids. The “call to serve” that these Druids answer may well be one of patriotism for the wilderness. They don’t object to getting their hands dirty and may find themselves in welcome company with military-minded folks such as Fighters and Rangers, as well as the clergy of war gods.

Circle of the Heavens

A Druid who defends nature on behalf of a God may find themselves fighting threats beyond the mortal plane. The Circle of the Heavens calls such Druids to arms under its banner. Members of the Circle of the Heavens strive to rid the Planes of catastrophic threats such as the Primordials and are viewed equally as warriors as they are magicians. Unlike other Druids, members of this Circle are willing to use one particular metal in their equipment – silver.

Wizened Warriors

When you choose this Circle at 2nd level, you gain proficiency with Martial Weapons, as well as proficiency with Heavy Armor. However, Druids belonging to the Circle of the Heavens still object to the use of metal equipment, other than silver.

Aspects of the Wilderness

Starting at 2nd level, you begin to focus and refine your Wild Shape abilities, only taking on aspects you need from the creatures whose forms you’ve explored. Uses of your Wild Shape feature no longer replenish on a Short Rest. You can use your Wild Shape a number of times equal to your Wisdom Modifier + your Druid level per day.

Instead of transforming into beasts, you expend uses of Wild Shape to take on Animal Aspects(as listed below). Each Animal Aspect lasts a minute or until you dispel it. Changing your body regularly in this way does have its limits, however. You can only have a number of Animal Aspects up to your Constitution Modifier active at a time(Minimum 1). Additionally, you still cannot cast spells while under the effects of an Animal Aspect.

Eagle’s Wings
Iridescent golden feathers grow from your skin. You gain a Fly speed equal to your normal walking speed.

Eel’s Skin
Your skin becomes coated in a slimy mucus. You may use a Bonus Action to end any effect restraining you. Attempts to grapple you have Disadvantage. If an effect would knock you prone, you may instead choose to be pushed 5 feet.

Firefly’s Light
You begin to glow with a soothing yellow light. As a free action, you can emit Bright light from your body at a distance of up to 20 feet. You can douse this light as a free action. As a Reaction, when you are being attacked by a Melee attack, you can emit a blinding light to give your attacker disadvantage on all Melee attacks until the end of their turn.

Serpent’s Venom
Deadly venom courses through your blood. When you hit with a Weapon attack, the target creature must make a Constitution save equal to your Spell Save DC. On a failure, the creature takes Poison damage equal to your Druid Level. At the start of each of its turns, the creature takes this damage. A creature can end this effect with a successful Constitution save at the end of its turn. This effect does not apply to Constructs or Undead.

Wolf’s Bite
Your face elongates into a canine’s muzzle. You can make a Bite attack as a Melee Weapon attack which deals 2d8 Piercing damage. You are considered Proficient with this attack.

Yak’s Hide
Your skin becomes tough and leathery. You resist Piercing damage from nonmagical sources, and your Armor Class increases by 1.

True Wilderness

At 6th level, your attunement to your animalistic qualities has begun to cause permanent changes to your body. Choose an Animal Aspect. You are permanently under the effects of that Animal Aspect at all times. This Aspect counts towards your limit of Animal Aspects, but you can cast spells while under the effects of this Animal Aspect.

Dilute Elementals

At 10th level, your devotion to hunting dangerous Primordials has led you to learn a technique to weaken their very being. When you hit an Elemental with a Weapon attack, the target must make a Charisma save equal to your Spell Save DC. On a failed save, the target creature is no longer immune to any status conditions or damage types. A creature can end this effect with a successful Charisma save at the end of its turn.

Starlit Champion

Starting at 14th level, you can expend three uses of your Wild Shape at the same time to take on an angelic aspect for the next minute. Your skin becomes flawless and glows faintly, and you emit a calming presence to those around you. While under this angelic aspect, you have Advantage on all Charisma(Persuasion) checks against living creatures. Any weapon attacks made while using this angelic aspect deal an additional 3d8 Radiant damage.

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