Witch Class – New Spells

Hello again, everyone! This post contains the witch class’s new spells. For the time being, I won’t be listing them as available to other classes as they are still written with playtesting in mind. These spells are arranged first by spell level(with cantrips at the beginning) and then alphabetically so as to be most useful…

Witch Class (T2 Playtest Draft)

Hello, everyone! It’s a little later than I’d originally planned, but here’s the updated playtest draft for the Witch class, now taking the class to level 10! I’m splitting this into two posts to reduce scrolling, as there are a whopping 29 new spells available as well.

Wizard Arcane Tradition – School of Chronomancy

Hello, everyone! Today’s subclass rounds out the four “classic” classes with a time travel-themed wizard subclass. Unlike other approaches to time-related magic, I didn’t think that chronomancy warranted its own “school” of magic so much as a recognition that it used a different approach to achieve similar results. Originally, I’d intended to couple this supplement…

Roguish Archetype – The Mountebank

Hello, everyone! Today’s subclass article is a new roguish archetype, the Mountebank. This subclass relies on subverting your foes’ expectations and reaping the benefits that a false reputation can bring, making it a great fit for characters whose backgrounds already include an alter ego or pseudonym that they’ve developed.

July Update Schedule

July Update Schedule July 2nd Patron Release: Roguish Archetype – The Mountebank Few adventurers receive as warm a welcome as the paladin on their journeys, but with fame also comes pretenders who would try and take advantage of that reputation for their personal gain. Rogues following the Mountebank archetype are charlatans who dress the part…