Sorcerous Origin – Reincarnate Soul

Hello, everyone! It’s probably abundantly clear that the primary source of inspiration for this subclass was Avatar: The Last Airbender, but rather than simply relying on a Four Elements monk to represent this concept, I wanted to broaden it to encompass a wider range of arcane powers, as well as suit a system of magic where the reincarnate spell not only exists but also has the power to change a creature’s species entirely.

Sorcerous Origin

Reincarnate Soul

Under rare circumstances, a powerful soul suffused with arcane magic will persist beyond a single life. As a sorcerer masters their magical abilities, they may find these experiences familiar when they begin to remember fragments of their past lives. These past lives are seldom identical in personality, though, and a Reincarnate sorcerer may even find themself capable of consulting the spirits of these past lives for guidance and unique perspectives of the world lost to shorter-lived souls.

A Reincarnate sorcerer often finds that their past lives share some common thread. This thread may be a task or accomplishment that they must achieve, or a foe that follows them through their lifetimes, an equal but opposed entity. Whatever the case, these sorcerers may find that talents they have mastered in the past come to them much more easily, while others seem to elude their grasp.

Thousand Lifetimes’ Practice

At 1st level, you can instinctively draw upon the knowledge and talents you’ve acquired in your past lives. When you make an ability check, you may roll 1d4 and add the number rolled.

You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier (a minimum of once). You regain any expended uses when you finish a short rest.

Past Body

Starting at 6th level, you can call upon the form of one of your past lives. As a bonus action, you can transform yourself, assuming that past life’s characteristics. Select a race. For the next hour, your racial traits are replaced with those of the selected race.

Your appearance becomes similar to a member of that race, though your size remains unchanged. If that race has anatomical features that your current race lacks (such as additional limbs, horns or natural weapons, or a tail), a spectral version of that feature appears for the duration of this transformation.

You cannot use this feature again until you complete a long rest, unless you spend 3 sorcery points to use it again.

Cycle’s Guidance

At 14th level, you have developed the ability to enter a mystic trance in which all of your past lives advise you simultaneously. As an action, you can enter this fugue state. For the next 10 minutes, you may cast any spell on the sorcerer spell list as though you know it, expending the appropriate spell slots to do so. If you are concentrating on a spell that you do not know when this fugue state ends, that spell immediately ends.

You cannot use this feature again until you complete a long rest, unless you spend 7 sorcery points to use it again.

Prime Soul’s Might

Beginning at 18th level, you make contact with the first of your many past lives. When you use your Cycle’s Guidance feature, whenever you cast a spell which deals damage, you may expend a number of sorcery points up to the level of spell slot you have used to deal an additional 1d8 radiant damage for each sorcery point used.

New Metamagic Option

When you would choose Metamagic options, you may select this additional option instead.

Memorable Spell

When you would fail to maintain your concentration on a spell, as a reaction you may expend 1 sorcery point. If you do so, you maintain your concentration on the spell, and your concentration cannot be broken again until the start of your next turn.

You can use Memorable Spell even if you have already used a different Metamagic option during the casting of the spell. If you use Memorable Spell on the same spell multiple times, it costs 1 additional sorcery point for each use.

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