January Update Schedule

Hello, everyone!

To say that 2021 was an eventful year would be, well, the understatement of the year. Together, we explored 21 subclasses, not to mention two whole new full classes. This update is certainly past due as well, but I hope you’ll forgive me as I recover from the December holiday fugue – I left the overnight job I had taken in November in favor of a management job while that yellow ball in the sky is still out, and I’ve been having a bit of a rough time transitioning between that and the quality of TBM Games work that I’m satisfied to share. That isn’t to say that I haven’t been working on all sorts of exciting new content! I’ve been talking with several creators about collaborations in the works, developing some interesting rules tweaks(a fun type of article conspicuously absent from my 2021 work), and refining the PDF Back Catalog so that it won’t be such a pain for you to download everything that I produce. That said, we’ll be on a slightly more compressed release schedule for this month and February to give me a bit of breathing room.

This month’s updates inadvertently took on a theme of the afterlife, from a Barbarian who channels malevolent spirits through their rages to a Sorcerer whose magic comes from a thousand lifetimes’ mastery.

January 14th – Archivist’s Bounty

Public Release: Druid Circle – Circle of Permafrost

Bringing together the Patreon updates from 2021, Archivist’s Bounty will replace the PDF Back Catalog’s 25 entries with a single volume of subclasses, artifacts, spells, and monsters. The book will contain the contents of the regular Patreon update PDFs, but the Witch and Tamer classes will remain as separate PDFs.

January 21st – Barbarian Path – Path of the Hollow Self

Although many barbarians draw power from the world of spirits through primal totems or unwavering ancestral tradition, some embrace a dangerous tradition in which their rages leave their bodies empty vessels open to any wrathful or malevolent spirits who may find it. The barbarians who follow the Path of the Hollow Self rely upon necromantic powers that even the most accomplished of arcane masters may dismiss as too dangerous, as there is little way to tell what nightmarish forces may rally when a strong new body presents itself to the void.

January 28th – Sorcerous Origin – Reincarnated

Public Release: Barbarian Path – Path of the Hollow Self

Under rare circumstances, a powerful soul suffused with arcane magic will persist beyond a single life. As a sorcerer masters their magical abilities, they may find these experiences familiar when they begin to remember fragments of their past lives. These past lives are seldom identical in personality, though, and a Reincarnated sorcerer may even find themself capable of consulting the spirits of these past lives for guidance and unique perspectives of the world lost to shorter-lived souls.

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