October Update Schedule

October 1st

Villain Month Cleric – Marked Guardian Domain

Clerics of   the Marked Guardian Domain have been anointed and sworn to protect a history   lost to the world. Forced to forsake the outside world either by birthright   or by joining those who would guard these ancient secrets, you have had this   history marked upon your body, either through ceremonial tattoos or   bloodletting, and shared it only through oral tradition.

October 8th

Villain Month Ranger – Adaptive Soldier Archetype

Constructs   built for war may adopt the Adaptive Soldier Archetype, utilizing not only   their abilities to lay down large numbers of projectiles in battle, but the   ability to emulate the magical abilities of fallen foes. You may choose to wield   this power in the service of your creator, but others may do so only to prove   themselves the mightiest.

October 15th

Villain Month Warlock – Dragonbound Patron

Warlocks   serving a Dragonbound Patron wield the ancient elemental magic of the dragons.   Some dragons utilize warlock servants in this way as a means of collecting   additional treasure for their hoards, while others may be bound to a dragon   who imprinted upon them after hatching, a magical defense mechanism meant to   defend wyrmlings from harm until they mature into the ferocious creatures of   legend.

Community   Event: Jackbox Party Pack 8

Come join   us in the TBM Games Discord server on Friday Night to play the newest Jackbox   Party Pack! Up to 10 people will be able to play at a time over Discord. You   won’t need to buy any software to play – all you’ll need is a phone or web   browser window open to jackbox.tv!

October 22nd

Villain Month Fighter –   Iron Knight Archetype

The   fighters who take on the Iron Knight Archetype have harnessed latent powers   within to bend metal to their will in battle. These warriors seldom find   themselves defenseless, and use this resilience to stand between their allies   and all manner of foe.

October 29th

Adventurer Release: Witch Class

The power of magic flows through a witch’s   blood as the waters of a river would follow a familiar bed. Where wizards   seek taxonomy, structure, and mechanics, an artificial approach to   controlling arcane magic, a witch will instead use their rituals as guidance   to coax the desired effect from the spells they weave.

Hello, everyone,

Happy October! Like last year, I’m taking this month to diverge from my usual routine of updates to do Villain Month once again. For each of the next 4 weeks, I’ll be releasing a new subclass option based on a villainous character(starting later today). However, this year, readers who aren’t pledged at the Adventurer tier can win themselves a copy of each PDF by correctly guessing which villain the subclass is based on by replying to the announcement on Twitter(@gamesTBM) or Facebook within 24 hours of its release.

Like I mentioned last month, my goal is still to reach 50 patrons by the end of December, and I’d certainly appreciate your help to get there! If you enjoy my blog and free content, please reach out to me to tell me what you think you’d need to see on the Patreon for me to earn your support! If you’re already a Patron or Adventurer (thank you as always!) I’d love to hear your feedback – What is and isn’t working at present? Do you want to see something change to make it more worth your while? And of course, I always appreciate shout-outs on social media; it’s one thing for me to yak on and on about what I think makes my writing worthwhile, but it’s far more genuine coming from my readers. I love writing RPG content, and would love to be able to continue doing so, so I am always grateful for your support.

If you’re a Discord user and your account isn’t linked to your Patreon account, you may not have received an automatic invitation (Or, as I discovered embarrassingly, patrons with linked accounts were dragged in without any prompt!). We’re going to have a community event on Friday, October 15th to play the Jackbox Party Pack 8. If you haven’t played any of these party games before, they’re short(5-10 minute) usually-goofy games that you play via your web browser. If you’d like to try it, you won’t need to buy any software to play – you just need to join a voice call on Discord and have a web browser on your phone or computer.

Finally, at the end of the month, just in time for your Halloween adventures I’ll be releasing the final version of the Witch class – a full PDF (I’m not sure of the length at the moment) detailing the class from levels 1-20, as well as a release via Shard Tabletop. This final version will also include the cross-compatibility list to allow other spellcasting classes to dip into some witchery as well.

As you can see, October is going to be a rather busy month, but I’m certainly excited for it. And of course, if you’ve had any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me either here or on Twitter(@gamesTBM).

Best wishes,


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