August Update Schedule


Hello, everyone,
It seems that summer is coming to an end! This fall is going to be my last semester before graduation, and I don’t feel that grad school is in the cards for me at this point. Oddly, after the pandemic disrupted the last few semesters, I wound up exactly 1 credit hour short of graduating this May (technically two classes, but let’s not delve into the minutia of it!). I try not to be too aggressive about marketing myself, which may be a fault on my part, but as I get ready to graduate, I’d certainly appreciate your help – If I can get just 1 percent of my social media followers to back TBM Games on Patreon before I graduate in December, I’d be well on my way to making writing the game content you love as a career! If I can get 50 backers by December, I’ll be able to devote the time and resources to increase the pace of my writing, and I could release an extra PDF and article for my patrons every month. So if you enjoy the content I’ve written, please, share it with your friends and fellow tabletop gamers, and make sure that you’re supporting me on Patreon as well!

This month, I’ll be releasing a small collection of spells that will complement the time travel-themed subclasses I’ve released as well as other spellcasting classes. After that, I will be releasing a new Bard College, the College of Tall Tales, which focuses on grandiose tales of heroism and spurring its allies to even greater feats.
Finally, I’ll be releasing another update for the Witch class, bringing the class and its five Affinities to level 16 and introducing spells all the way up to 8th level. Considering the scope that last week’s Witch class update reached, there’s a decent chance that this will be split over two weeks, with the first being the class features and the second being another dozen or so new spells, as well as listing what core 5e classes can use the witch spells previously introduced.
As always, thank you all for your continued support; it means the world to me to be able to write material for a game I love, but it wouldn’t be possible without you. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me either here, on Patreon, or on Twitter(@gamesTBM).
Best wishes,

August Update Schedule

August 6th Patron Release:
A Treatise on Chronomancy
An ambitious spellcaster may find that some forms of magic afford a glimpse of a new possibility – while it is most effective at manipulating the present, magical power can be used to affect the past or future as well, and any who work with the mysterious forces of magic may find themselves able to utilize this potential.
August 13th Patron Release:
Bard College – College of Tall Tales
An experienced bard can tell you of the restorative power of a story – sometimes a tale of surmounting impossible odds can draw someone from the depths of despair or stir them to follow in the footsteps of archetypal heroes. Bards of the College of Tall Tales have mastered the art of emphasizing the most important aspects of their stories to inspire both themselves and others.
August 20th Blog Release:
A Treatise on Chronomancy
August 27th Blog Releases:
Bard College – College of Tall TalesNew Class Playtest – The Witch (Levels 1-16)
Iterating on your playtest feedback, the witch class’s third playtest features will undergo some incremental updates, as well as new options to expand the class all the way to 16th level.

Unscheduled Updates
• Shard Tabletop Conversions – Shard is a 5e-centric virtual tabletop, and my go-to platform for 5e games. I’m currently in the process of implementing character options from my back catalog as playable options within the Shard platform and packaging them for distribution.

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