July Update Schedule


July Update Schedule

July 2nd

Patron Release:

Roguish Archetype – The Mountebank

Few adventurers receive as warm a welcome as the paladin on their journeys, but with fame also comes pretenders who would try and take advantage of that reputation for their personal gain. Rogues following the Mountebank archetype are charlatans who dress the part of the crusading paladin, enjoying the fame (or infamy) coming from these real holy warriors’ deeds.


July 9th

Patron Releases:

Wizard Arcane Tradition – The Chronomancer

Those who study the arcane have always found their spells to be most effective in affecting the present. However, the existence of divination spells demonstrates that the future and past can be affected by magic, and Chronomancers have extended this discipline to manipulate time to their advantage.


July 16th

Blog Release:

Roguish Archetype – The Mountebank


July 23rd

Blog Releases:

Wizard Arcane Tradition – The Chronomancer


New Class Playtest – The Witch (Levels 1-10)

Iterating on your playtest feedback, the witch class’s initial features get some incremental updates, as well as new options to expand the class all the way to 10th level.


Unscheduled Updates

  • Shard Tabletop Conversions – Shard is a 5e-centric virtual tabletop, and my go-to platform for 5e games. I’m currently in the process of implementing character options from my back catalog as playable options within the Shard platform and packaging them for distribution.

Hello, everyone,

As always, thank you for your continued support. Today is TBM Games’ 4th anniversary! While 4 itself isn’t a particularly special number (and even a bad omen in some cultures), every month I can spend writing content for a game I love is a month well-spent. This month, I’ll be releasing a roguish archetype updated from early in my 5e writing. This rogue looks the part of a paladin, but make no mistake – these rogues fight dirty, which can be all the more shocking when a foe is expecting to face an honest opponent. Next, we’ll be concluding the time travel theme of subclasses with the Chronomancer, a wizard subclass which can exert control over the flow of time around them.

This month will also feature the next update to the Witch class, bringing with it a slew of new spells up to 4th level and advanced features the class’s Bewitching Affinities. Thank you all for your feedback so far! And of course, if you’ve had any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me either here or on Twitter(@gamesTBM).

Best wishes,


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