April Update Schedule


April 2nd

Patron Release:

New Class Playtest – The Witch (Levels 1-4)

The power of magic flows through a witch’s blood as the waters of a river follow a familiar bed. Where wizards seek taxonomy and mechanics, an artificial approach to controlling arcane magic, a witch will instead use ritual and circumstance as guidance to coax the desired effect from a spell.

April 9th

Patron Release:

Artifact Dossier – Death Shroud of the First Paladin

The first paladin wasn’t a trained soldier or a crusader – just a simple traveler trying to defend the place they called home. When they were laid to rest, their passion and selflessness evoked the sympathy of the gods, and their death shroud was imbued with a spark of the divine.

April 16th

Blog Release:

New Class Playtest – The Witch (Levels 1-4)

April 23rd

Blog Release:

Artifact Dossier – Death Shroud of the First Paladin

Not Currently Scheduled

  • Shard Tabletop Conversions – Shard is a 5e-centric virtual tabletop and a great platform for 5e games. I am currently in the process of implementing character options from my back catalog as playable options within the Shard platform. As mentioned, these conversions will be free to Adventurers, as well as anyone who had previously purchased them. My plan at this stage is to convert subclasses in the order of download counts.

Hello, everyone,

Once again, thank you all for your support! Spring’s coming right up – while temperatures are still just a touch below my comfort level, it’s certainly an improvement over the cold winter months. April also happens to be my birth month! With the plague ongoing, I don’t have any special plans, but maybe I’ll try and have a nice meal or something. Unfortunately, April often is when my allergies are at their worst, between the tallgrass prairies burning directly to the south of Nebraska and the pollen in the air. My air purifier is probably going to be working double-time this month!

Later this week, I’m releasing the first four levels of a new class, the Witch, which I’m hoping to roll out in its totality in time for October! Like the Tamer, as a full-fledged class, the Witch is going to be a little bit slower to develop; there’s a lot more work that goes into a class since I need to ensure there’s a stable foundation, especially if I want to expand upon it later. On top of that, as a caster, the Witch also needs quite a few new spells to distinguish it from its contemporaries. I hope that I can count on your feedback to continue to work out the kinks of this class and make it a great addition to your 5e library.

Even though there are five Fridays this month, you might notice that I don’t have anything officially scheduled here for the 30th. That’s for two reasons – firstly, I’m getting my second covid vaccine on or around the 28th, and I’m anticipating that I might be out of commission that week if my mother’s reaction to her second shot is any indication. Secondly, the semester is coming to a close after the first week of May, so I may need to devote a little extra time to prepare for finals, even if I am feeling energetic enough to make a post. That said, if I feel up to releasing something, I’ll certainly let you all know!

April is going to be a bit rough on my end, but as it draws to a close, I’m hoping that I’ll soon be able to devote even more time to writing in May and create new tools and ideas for building your campaigns and characters. As always, if you use any of my 5e supplements at your game table, please let me know how it went. I love hearing your stories and it always encourages me to keep writing!

Best wishes,


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