December Update Schedule and Announcements

December’s Update Schedule:

December 4th Patreon Release:

Playable Race – Oni

A reclusive culture of nomadic giants and skilled artisans.

December 11th Patreon Release:

Paladin Oath – Oath of the Junker

A goblin-exclusive Paladin Oath devoted to eking out every possible use from discarded materials.

December 18th Patreon Release:

Ranger Archetype – Treasure Hunter

A ranger sworn to a quest to obtain an artifact, well-versed in using magic items to their fullest.


Blog Release:

Playable Race – Oni

December 25th Blog Release:

Paladin Oath – Oath of the Junker

Not Currently Scheduled:

  • A complete version of the Tamer class (previously shown in playtest drafts as the Hunter class) is coming soon, which will be released in an upcoming collaboration with Underground Oracle Publishing.
  • Subclass options from Villain Month, which will be released as a package on DriveThruRPG and free to Adventurers and higher-tier contributors.
  • Shard Tabletop Conversions, Shard is a 5e-centric virtual tabletop, and a great platform for 5e games. I am currently in the process of implementing character options from my back catalog as playable options within the Shard platform. These conversions will be free to Adventurers and higher-tier contributors, as well as anyone who had previously purchased them.

Hello, Everyone,

First, I wanted to thank you all for your patience with me – clearly, I haven’t been quite on the ball when it comes to the consistency of updates. Things kind of snowballed unexpectedly back in October; my midterms lasted about 5 weeks, thanks to my university’s accelerated schedule. By the time I was finally done with midterms, I had to dive right into final projects! Admittedly, though, can you really say I couldn’t have foreseen 2020 being unpredictable? This craziness isn’t without some upsides, though! To avoid an atrocious cold and flu season, my university will not be resuming classes until about the end of January, which will allow me to devote a great deal of time to writing and organization.

This month, instead of doing a holiday sale as I have in the past, I’ve decided to do something a little different – After Patreon fees and royalties to DriveThruRPG, I am donating all of my profits for the first week of December to CenterPointe, an organization in my hometown which specializes in addiction treatment and mental health services for the homeless, services which I have no doubt are in especially high demand this year. If you know someone who is interested in more 5e content for their games, I certainly invite you to have them look at what I have for sale on DriveThruRPG or to subscribe to this Patreon. If you are curious about CenterPointe(or would prefer to contribute directly rather than my being a middleman), you can find their website at

Moving forward, my goal for TBM Games is to start operating with more consistency, which is why I am taking a page from the books of several successful Patreon creators and writing this post. You might consider this a test drive of a New Year’s Resolution – Before the start of each month, I’d like to communicate with you what you can expect from TBM Games, and hopefully, this will make your patronage more valuable. In these posts, I’ll be apprising you of what new game materials you can expect in the coming weeks, when I intend to release them, and if at all possible, some insights into my design processes or what’s going on in my world or “design scraps” – ideas that aren’t quite ready for publication.

December is always an awkward month – Winter weather finally reaches its full force (if it hasn’t already), a bizarre week-and-a-half of holidays closes the year, and it seems like normal budgets can get lost somewhere in the fog of mid-December. With ongoing public health concerns, all of that confusion is certainly going to get worse, but my hope is that attempting to organize my plans in December will be a trial by fire for being organized. I hope that your holidays are safe and pleasant, and that you look forward to leaving 2020 in the dust as much as I do!

Best Wishes,
Christopher K.

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