Primordial Power Kickstarter Now Live!


Hello, everyone! It’s a big day for a whole bunch of reasons. To begin, today is the first anniversary of TBM Games! It has been an absolute privilege to write so many fun articles about tabletop role-playing games, and I’m looking forward to another great year yet to come. At times, my update schedule has been a little swingy in terms of consistency, and an anniversary is a great time to pledge myself to improve that aspect of writing this blog.

Over the last couple months, I’ve been working hard to cement myself a decent-size buffer of posts, which I now maintain at about a month’s length. My goal in the coming year is to use this buffer to never miss a weekly update like I have in the past when major shifts occurred in my schedule. Hopefully, this buffer will also give me some extra time to better compose my articles and improve my approach while writing!

Anyway, of course, the big news that this article title is getting at is that Primordial Power is now on Kickstarter! This is a huge and exciting step for me, and I hope that, if you’ve enjoyed the articles I’ve written on TBM Games, you’ll consider backing this Kickstarter campaign and share it with your friends. You can read more information about Primordial Power on its Kickstarter page, or you can also view some of the articles which have been incorporated into the book here on the website.

As always, thank you for reading – it truly means a lot to me – and I hope to keep writing articles and 5E gaming content which you enjoy in the year to come.

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