New Content Hiatus and Site News

Hello, everyone!

I planned to go about business as usual with a focus on updates containing reviews. Halfway through the month, that’s apparently not quite happening as intended.

Lately, things have gotten a little hectic in my life. Fortunately, though, this post isn’t to report some crisis in my life or complication which will prevent me from writing. The fact of the matter is that TBM Games is doing well, just not as magically well as my optimistic projections had shown. I’d initially hoped to release Primordial Power in November and a second, much smaller, supplement(Prestigious Heroes) in December. Being my first projects, I wisely didn’t announce these dates to beat myself up about later, but these self-imposed deadlines are flying by.

As an untested writer without a dedicated team, I still don’t like to crowdfund too much, so a lot of my time outside of working on TBM Games has been dedicated to raising the funds I need by myself. To that end, I recently got a job on-campus to cover more of the expenses associated with the site.

I won’t delve too deep into the site’s financials, but this month saw me recouping the price I spent on hosting for the coming year, exclusively from Patreon contributions, so as always, I owe a big thank you to you, Andy, Jake, Jordan, Matt, and Mitch. I hope that you have enjoyed the Patron-exclusive content and early article releases and that I’ll be able to count on your generous support in 2018. Like I explain on the Patreon page, I don’t use your contributions for anything other than TBM expenses, so it’s fantastic to cover one of the most significant requirements for running this site just through you guys’ generosity. With that pressure off and your patronage now contributing towards other aspects of running the site, it feels like you are lifting a burden from my shoulders. At present, your contributions are funding new artwork for future game content, which I hope to announce sometime in early 2018.

So what’s going on with Primordial Power and Prestigious Heroes?

I’m currently doing some more revisions to content you’ve already seen and eagerly awaiting some art assets I commissioned for Primordial Power. Unlike the general TBM Games site, it’ll be a paid product(whose price I have yet to determine), but I hope to somehow offer Patrons a discount on the product proportional to their total contributions to TBM Games at the time of publishing.

Prestigious Heroes, which will follow soon after, is still in a more prototypal state – I’ve completed first drafts of almost all of the supplement’s Prestige Classes, and one of the classes is already in its penultimate revision. I’m starting on rough sketches for the product(which will thankfully not be as art-heavy) and will be commissioning their art after Primordial Power’s artwork. Because it’s a leaner supplement, Prestigious Heroes will be available for a lower price than Primordial Power. However, Patrons who have contributed a certain total amount(yet to be determined) will receive the supplement for free!

Plans for December and 2018

With December chugging along and Primordial Power and Prestigious Heroes in the states that they are, I think that it’s safe to say that I’m not likely to be posting any content articles this month, but you can count on new reviews of supplements(such as continuing to review Kobold Press’s Deep Magic series), especially when certain Kickstarter campaigns I’ve been looking forward to are beginning to ship. In the coming year, I’ve got a lot of plans to keep on working on this site to produce the best game content you can expect from me, and I’m excited to have all of you along for the ride. Thank you for your support, happy holidays, and I’ll see you on Monday with a new review article.

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