Playtest Content – The Ravenous Bloodletter Prestige Class

Hello, Playtesters! This month is going to see some interesting changes in formatting since I’ll be attempting to integrate the Patreon-exclusive content into the site.

Available for Playtesting this month is another Prestige Class and just in time for Halloween, the Ravenous Bloodletter. The Bloodletter uses a weapon in either hand to deliver rapid attacks and wounds to his or her foes. The rapid momentum of this class’s attacks is kicked into a frenzy by the scent of blood, spurring them on by the results of each successful attack.

This Prestige class is written by a good friend of mine and contributor to the upcoming Prestigious Heroes, Weylin Etra. Weylin is a game designer and student at DigiPen Institute of Technology, and I’ve asked for his insight on a lot of content on TBM Games, so you’ll probably see a decent amount of stylistic similarities between his work and mine.

As always, thank you for your continued support – your contributions help me keep TBM Games producing the Fifth Edition content and reviews that you enjoy. In addition to your continued financial support via Patreon, I always appreciate your sharing TBM Games with your friends, family, frenemies, enefriends, whoever you think would enjoy reading it.

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