Month in Review – September 2017

Hello, everyone! It’s been another fun month of Fifth Edition reviews and content, and a (relatively) smooth transition into the school year.

Unlike the last Month in Review article, unfortunately, I did not receive any reader questions this month. However, we have had another surprisingly dramatic increase in readers, so to you, new readers, welcome to TBM Games! I hope that you’ll find exciting new content for your 5e campaigns, whether you’re a player or a storyteller.

This past month, being so busy, only saw a little more than half the amount of updates I would have liked. That’s because I’m hard at work on the late stages of upcoming projects – Primordial Power is going well, and I’m making a significant amount of progress on it and another future project as of late.

In October, you can look forward to another Primordial Profile – Xil, the Swarm of Horrors – as well as the stat blocks for the Primal Emperor Cicada, the mysterious Feathered Lady, another review for Deep Magic, and who knows what else? Only time will tell!

As always, I want to give a huge thank you to my backers on Patreon – your financial support means a great deal to me, and drives me to deliver the best Fifth Edition content I can.  For those of you who do not, I appreciate your readership and hope that you’ll show TBM Games to any of your friends who would enjoy the site.

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