The War Gods’ Guide to Battle

Hello, everyone! For readers who have been around for a while, welcome back to TBM Games, and for those of you who are new, welcome to this distant corner of the planes.

TBM Games is a blog devoted to new content for the Fifth Edition of the World’s Most Popular Role-Playing Game.  While there are certainly a lot of quality sources for game material, the blog’s primary goal is to provide unique resources that you wouldn’t find elsewhere for your 5e games. Over the last two and a half years, TBM Games has produced several small player options and monsters, as well as Primordial Power, a print/PDF mini-supplement devoted to adding a pantheon of elemental titans to your 5e adventures.

Aside from direct sales on DriveThruRPG, TBM Games also is proudly powered by the devotion of its fans through their monthly support on Patreon, and to show my gratitude to these backers, Patreon backers at the $5/month level can now receive a free PDF copy of Primordial Power!

So what’s next for TBM Games, you ask? Well, if the large logo wasn’t indication enough, it’s high time to announce my second mini-supplement, The War Gods’ Guide to Combat!

Surrounded by stormclouds, the two gods atop Ravaged Peak each chose a boulder to slump against. Kiela sat with her feathered spear across her lap, as steam wafted from the King of No Nation’s malicious grimace. Neither would admit it, but they had been equally matched for some time, and it was fate’s decision whose reinforcements would arrive first to bring an end to their perpetual struggle. The Goddess of the Winds drew a quill pen and opened her journal to chronicle the battles which had led to the Ravaged Peak. She didn’t see the King of No Nation crawling towards her, a bloodied dagger in hand, and what happened next would forever change the history of the world.

The War Gods’ Guide to Battle will be TBM Games 2nd mini-supplement for the Fifth Edition of the World’s Most Popular Role-Playing Game. Coming to Kickstarter this summer, the supplement focuses on tactical combat for both players and GMs, narrated by Kiela, Goddess of Winds and War and the King of No Nations, a pair of rival gods and survivors of war with the devastating primordials eons ago.

This supplement will feature the following:

    • Combat Cartography, advice for when and how to effectively draw battle maps, and guidelines to build dynamic scenes for your most dramatic skirmishes.
    • Guidelines to design more engaging combat encounters using Fifth Edition rules, incorporating monster and NPC tactics into your storytelling as well as your fight scenes.
    • The new College of Chivalry Bard Subclass, entertainers who have found themselves thrust into a war they are ill-equipped to handle.
    • An updated and revised Conqueror Archetype for Fighters, a warlord who can conscript their enemies to fight at their side.
    • Updated and revised options for a Warlock to make a pact with the Grandmasters Patron, getting swept up as a piece in their cosmic game of chess.
    • A new Warlock Pact, the Pact of the Steed, providing warlocks with any patron the ability to summon an eldritch mount to their aid.
    • Additional Fighting Style options for martially-inclined characters.
    • New spells for all magic users to enter the fray!

And of course, I’ve got plenty of stretch goals in the works, but you’ll have to wait and see what those are closer to the Kickstarter campaign’s launch. In the meantime, get your armor and spells ready – there are a lot of adventures in store for 2020!

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