Review Request

Have you written a 5e supplement which you’d like to see reviewed? Feel free to send a request using the following form. I’ll give the content a preliminary look and, if it seems like a good fit for review, I’ll send you a follow-up e-mail, and another a few days before the review is published.

General Guidelines

I’ll take a look at just about any supplement sent my way, but here are some guidelines regarding my review process:

  • Appropriateness – TBM Games’ goal is to provide content for all gamers. Please only submit content suitable for teenage/YA readers.
  • Adventures – While I’d love to write reviews of everything sent my way, adventures tend to be a difficult type of game supplement to review(especially since the storyteller running the adventure can make a huge difference).
  • Completeness – This is the most subjective guideline, but please try only to submit final draft materials.
  • System – TBM Games focuses primarily on D&D Next, or Fifth Edition, material. I’d be happy to look at other systems’ content, but likely won’t be available to review non-5E content.
  • Size – Review turnaround for longer supplements will naturally take longer than shorter ones. Please be patient if I’ve committed to reviewing your material; I can’t guarantee how long a review will take.