Epic Legacy Player’s Guide Review

The Epic Legacy Player’s Guide, by 2CGaming, is a digital supplement devoted to providing Epic-level content for PC’s in a Fifth Edition campaign. Alongside other content produced and in development, 2CGaming is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign for the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook(As of the day before I began writing this article, the project has reached its funding goal!), whose contents will contain the Epic Legacy Player’s Guide as well as a compilation of the material for storytellers available on the 2CGaming website, plus new content which will be exclusive to the upcoming Core Rulebook. Continue reading “Epic Legacy Player’s Guide Review”

Deep Magic: Blood and Doom Review

Hello, everyone, and happy Monday! Hopefully, as you read this, I’m on the tail end of recovery from having my wisdom teeth removed(What a blast, right?). Of course, since it was in my review queue and it occurred to me that the thematic irony was too precious to pass up, I jumped straight to the back of the Deep Magic catalog and decided to review Blood and Doom.

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Hunters Mark: Long Live the Hunt Review

Hunters Mark: Long Live the Hunt funded on Kickstarter in March of 2016. Designed and illustrated by Gary Simpson of Game Natural, Hunters Mark aims to introduce a series of mini-adventures in which heroes take on dangerous monsters, craft weapons from their bodies, and then take on bigger and tougher monsters. Intended for release in April of this year, I received the PDF on October 30. Continue reading “Hunters Mark: Long Live the Hunt Review”

Deep Magic: Rune Magic Review

Hello, everyone! Today’s review is for Deep Magic: Rune Magic, the second in the Deep Magic series by Kobold Press. An altogether separate beast from Wizards of the Coast’s own Rune Scribe Prestige Class, Rune Magic introduces a Scandinavian motif well-suited for a campaign in the upcoming Midgard Campaign Setting.

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Deep Magic: Clockwork Magic Review

Hello, everyone! Today’s Bookshelf post is a review of Kobold Press’s Deep Magic: Clockwork Magic. This small supplement mostly serves players with a new source of magic and provides new spells for most casters, and is the first of over a dozen Deep Magic supplements produced by Kobold Press in 2016.

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