Deep Magic: Dragon Magic Review

Hello, everyone, and happy New Year! The latter half of 2017 saw the start of TBM Games, and through your support, I’m having a blast writing these reviews and my own game content. 2018 will hopefully be even bigger and better! Today’s review is for Kobold Press’s Dragon Magic, the 13th installment in the Deep Magic series, which will likely see incorporation into the upcoming Midgard Heroes Handbook later this year.

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Deep Magic: Elemental Magic Review

Hello, everyone! Hopefully, you all had a great Thanksgiving last week! I apologize for the unannounced hiatus – I’ve been hard at work on Primordial Power and Prestigious Heroes, which I’m hoping to release sometime shortly, as well as a couple of new projects which I’ll be announcing soon as well.

Released near the beginning of the month, Deep Magic: Elemental Magic was distributed to backers of the Midgard Campaign Setting Kickstarter while the Heroes Handbook is off in layout. Elemental Magic is available for sale in the Kobold Press Store for only $2.99 and is the 14th in this series of mini-supplements which will see consolidation in the Midgard Heroes Handbook.

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Epic Legacy Player’s Guide Review

The Epic Legacy Player’s Guide, by 2CGaming, is a digital supplement devoted to providing Epic-level content for PC’s in a Fifth Edition campaign. Alongside other content produced and in development, 2CGaming is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign for the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook(As of the day before I began writing this article, the project has reached its funding goal!), whose contents will contain the Epic Legacy Player’s Guide as well as a compilation of the material for storytellers available on the 2CGaming website, plus new content which will be exclusive to the upcoming Core Rulebook. Continue reading “Epic Legacy Player’s Guide Review”

Deep Magic: Blood and Doom Review

Hello, everyone, and happy Monday! Hopefully, as you read this, I’m on the tail end of recovery from having my wisdom teeth removed(What a blast, right?). Of course, since it was in my review queue and it occurred to me that the thematic irony was too precious to pass up, I jumped straight to the back of the Deep Magic catalog and decided to review Blood and Doom.

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