Midgard Heroes Handbook [Part 1 – First Impressions and Races]

Hello, everyone! Like I hinted before, I’m going to be changing my review process for larger books to make it a bit less daunting for me to write these reviews. For the next couple weeks(or at least until it’s done), I’ll be reviewing Kobold Press’s Midgard Heroes Handbook.

Book of Exalted Darkness

Hello, everyone! Today’s bookshelf article is a review of Mike Myler’s Book of Exalted Darkness. Kickstarted in June 2017, Book of Exalted Darkness is a love(er.. hate?) letter to the Book of Vile Darkness of earlier editions. Part supplement for evil characters, part campaign setting, the supplement introduces the reader to the world of Askis,…

Monsters of Feyland

Hello, everyone! Today’s article is a quick preview of Monsters of Feyland, an upcoming project from Cawood Publishing.