Street Brawler Archetype

Hello, everyone! Because this month’s class archetype heavily features unarmed attacks, I think it may be necessary to mention one of 5e’s clunkier rules definitions. According to errata in 2015, unarmed strikes qualify as “Melee weapon attacks” but do not qualify in situations which call for “Melee weapons” such as the Rogue’s Sneak Attack. When…

Midgard Heroes Handbook [Part 1 – First Impressions and Races]

Hello, everyone! Like I hinted before, I’m going to be changing my review process for larger books to make it a bit less daunting for me to write these reviews. For the next couple weeks(or at least until it’s done), I’ll be reviewing Kobold Press’s Midgard Heroes Handbook.

Mechanics for Map Design

Hello, everyone! It’s time again for a Combat Cartography article! This month, I’m going to talk about the rules elements you can quickly incorporate into making exciting and dynamic combat maps.