Crowdfunding as a Consumer – How I Choose to Back a Project

Hello, everyone! Today’s article is a little tricky to categorize but is strongly related to a lot of what I write on TBM Games. This¬†article is about how I decide whether or not to back a Kickstarter campaign, and some general insight not necessarily into what makes a campaign successful, but what makes supporting a campaign successful for a consumer.

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Deep Magic: Dragon Magic Review

Hello, everyone, and happy New Year! The latter half of 2017 saw the start of TBM Games, and through your support, I’m having a blast writing these reviews and my own game content. 2018 will hopefully be even bigger and better!¬†Today’s review is for Kobold Press’s Dragon Magic, the 13th installment in the Deep Magic series, which will likely see incorporation into the upcoming Midgard Heroes Handbook later this year.

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