Epic Legacy Player’s Guide Review

The Epic Legacy Player’s Guide, by 2CGaming, is a digital supplement devoted to providing Epic-level content for PC’s in a Fifth Edition campaign. Alongside other content produced and in development, 2CGaming is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign¬†for the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook(As of the day before I began writing this article, the project has reached its funding goal!), whose contents will contain the Epic Legacy Player’s Guide as well as a compilation of the material for storytellers available on the 2CGaming website, plus new content which will be exclusive to the upcoming Core Rulebook.Read More

Deep Magic: Blood and Doom Review

Hello, everyone, and happy Monday! Hopefully, as you read this, I’m on the tail end of recovery from having my wisdom teeth removed(What a blast, right?). Of course, since it was in my review queue and it occurred to me that the thematic irony was too precious to pass up, I jumped straight to the back of the Deep Magic catalog and decided to review Blood and Doom.

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Hunters Mark: Long Live the Hunt Review

Hunters Mark: Long Live the Hunt funded on Kickstarter in March of 2016. Designed and illustrated by Gary Simpson of Game Natural, Hunters Mark aims to introduce a series of mini-adventures in which heroes take on dangerous monsters, craft weapons from their bodies, and then take on bigger and tougher monsters. Intended for release in April of this year, I received the PDF on October 30.Read More