Primordial Power

In ages past, in time immemorial, the Gods waged endless wars with an opposing race of Immortals, the Primordials. The Primordials were things of chaos and cataclysm, creating and destroying within their respective domains in a relentless cacophony. Though the Gods were largely triumphant, remnants of the Primordials and their devastating powers can still be found… if you know where to look.

Primordial Power will be a supplement intended for players and storytellers to introduce Primordial magic into their campaigns and potentially introduce their pantheons to a more destructive counterpart. The Primordials are largely territorial beings with animalistic instincts but can be dangerously clever adversaries to Gods and mortals alike.

This supplement will introduce the following:

  • A new character background, the Primordial Shard, a mortal who shares a heritage with a Primordial and draws power from this link.
  • A new archetype for the Druid class, the Circle of the Heavens, a militant Druid circle who uses their Wild Shape ability to modify their bodies to better fight Primordials and other Planar threats.
  • New spells associated with the Primordials, such as Eroding Rains, Imbalance, and Umbral Miasma.
  • New magic items associated with Primordials.
  • Descriptions and stats for the Genie player race, survivors of one of the many battles between the Primordials and the Gods.
  • Stat blocks for Primordial cultists and aspects of Primordials.
  • A diverse range of Primordials, such as Idbris, the Mind Devourer, Mazalda, the Scouring Ocean, and The Name of Nothing, each complete with associated powers and Cataclysms.

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