Primordial Power

In ages past, in time immemorial, the Gods waged endless wars with an opposing race of Immortals, the Primordials. The Primordials were things of chaos and cataclysm, creating and destroying within their respective domains in a relentless cacophony. Though the Gods were largely triumphant, remnants of the Primordials and their devastating powers can still be found… if you know where to look.

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TBM Games Launch

Hello, and welcome to TBM Games. This blog is devoted to providing content for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons, and will primarily include new game options for your own campaigns, whether you’re a player or a storyteller. Additionally, you’ll find journal entries about my own campaigns and reviews of D&D content, including more obscure third party books, published by companies such as Kobold Press, Crucible 7, and Green Ronin, so you’ll have additional insight when exploring options beyond Fifth Edition’s core rulebooks.

I hope to provide a wealth of interesting new campaign options for players and storytellers. If you enjoy the freely available content, please don’t hesitate to visit my shop, which will contain PDFs of the new game content I write, as well as similar additional content not freely available on the blog.

While I don’t want to commit to an update schedule quite yet, I hope to provide new content on a regular basis.

Happy Reading,